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Chassis ProTech is a GAME CHANGING under body protection system to help slow down the effects of rust and wash away unwanted dirt, sand and road grime!


Chassis ProTech is a unique one of a kind Australian made, manufactured and designed unit was designed after years of experience working on four wheel drives, caravans and boat trailers.

Chassis rails and A-frames of these vehicles are extremely hard to clean out and this can be a very messy and dirty job. You inevitably end up wet and dirty lying on your back on the ground in your driveway.

Chassis ProTech has been developed for all four-wheel-drivers that access the beaches, fire trails, unsealed roads, mud tracks and more.

No matter what when using the garden hose or applicator to try and replicate this you never manage to reach the top of the chassis rails and hard to get spots.

Chassis ProTech is easy to install within your chassis rail, caravan A-frame or boat trailer chassis. Then it is as simple as plugging in your low-pressure household mains to the fitting, which is attached to the underside of your vehicle as part of the installation process.

The system provides pressure to the high pressure nylon line with micro perforations that produce a 360 degree jet that softens and loosens built-up clay, bull dust, sand and works to cause a flowing motion of water that picks these particles up and releases them out of the chassis rail onto the floor.

The kit includes everything you need for installation except for a power drill. Includes the brass fitting and aluminium bracket, High pressure nylon line with micro perforations, Tube cutter, Tek screws and Tek bit.

That’s what’s great about Chassis ProTech it works in a 360° motion reaching every part of the internal chassis rail.

Unsealed roads can be a particular problem too. There is a high content of clays that over many kilometres build up in your chassis rail. These fine particles of dust build up in your chassis rail and when it gets wet and then dries it becomes like wet concrete acting like a hard sponge. This stays wet for very long periods of time causing moisture to sit in the chassis rail, combine this with salts and it’s a mix for accelerated oxidisation which causes rusting. If this is left for years at a time it will become so hard and wet that it’s near impossible to remove without a lot of elbow grease.

Chassis ProTech can be added to chassis’s that are like this and it’s no quick fix but over a period of use it was slowly break down the hard build up and remove it.

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle, caravan or boat trailer you can either sell it with the vehicle as an added selling point or remove it easily and install and your next investment, saving you time and money in the long run.

Chassis ProTech is an affordable, time saving rust prevention option. Not just another four-wheel-drive accessory, this is a must have!


Introducing The Sand Assassin™ & Salt Exterminator

The Chassis ProTech system paired with our Salt Exterminator™, salt + mud dissolving 4WD wash and the Sand Assassin, our High Pressure Underbody Roller. This powerful salt, sand & mud killing trio will save you the pain of spending hours flushing out your underbody with a hose or going to those drive through underbody car washes! Yes those drive through washes that just push recycled water (ie. salty contaminated water) into your rails and all other underbody components! Our Salt Exterminator™, Sand Assassin™ and the 

Chassis ProTech system will ensure your 4WD is free of all salt, mud, sand and protected from rust every time.



With regard to locating an installation position it really comes down to the installers imagination as to where to put it. Be extremely careful not to drill into fuel tanks, fuel lines, cabling, brake lines etc. In some instances drilling into the chassis rail itself may not be optimal but apart from that there’s at least 5 to 6 different options under every vehicle where you wish to install it.